Monday, June 6, 2011

Our Chicago trip and Corbin's new best friend

We took a much anticipated trip to Chicago to visit a couple of our best friends and their new little boy. I've mentioned them before, Dan and Alexis, and I will probably mention them many times in the future.
We had been wanting to visit them out in Chicago for a while now, and Alexis and I were finally able to convince our men that it was a MUST now that we both have sons. I mean, they needed to meet their future best friend and travel buddy since we are adament that we will always travel together.
It's a good thing that the trip went well and the boys seemed to get along great (as well as a 10 month old and 3 month old can). Dan and Alexis were great tour guides and showed us all around the city. The trip definitely wasn't long enough and we will hopefully be making it back out there again soon.
Here are a couple pictures from our trip. I wasn't a very good tourist and really didn't end up taking many pictures at all.

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