Friday, June 26, 2009


You have no idea how great it feels to begin my first weekend in more than 60 weeks that I don't have anything wedding related on my mind! I am going to enjoy my weekend, work around the house, and maybe go spend some of our hard earned gift certificates we got for the wedding! We are in desperate need of some things to make our house a home.
So from here on out, this will no longer be about the wedding, but about our life as a married couple and where this incredible journey takes us. So check back often because I will be updating this as things happens.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We couldn't have asked for a better time

Now that I am recovered and caught up on my sleep, I can put together a post about the reception. We had the best time imaginable on Saturday and we wish we could go back and do it all over again. Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with us. It was such a great feeling to be surrounded by our family and friends. We wish we would have had time to sit and talk with everyone for longer, but we are hoping those that we didn't get a lot of time with understand that we appreciate them being there for us!
The weather turned out perfect, the food was delicious, and the drinks were flowing like water. We were so happy that everything turned out the way it did.
I hope that you all had as good of a time as we did. We are already looking forward to the next time we get to see you again.

So great to see some old friends/roommates
A few of my Kappa pledge class sisters!
Mama Corina, her babies and their favorite men
Yes they were still going strong at 3 a.m.! Wild moms!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Getting ready for the reception

I guess I shouldn't have been so non-chalant about the reception thinking I had nothing left to do. My head has been spinning today trying to get organized. I started getting all of these great, creative ideas that I have been searching for for months, only to realize I have 3 days to accomplish them. So I am going with the look of clean and simple.

But really though, everything is coming together great and the reception is going to look beautiful... please just don't let it rain! That will really make me sad because the best part of our location is the view from the terrace.

I am getting very excited to see everyone and spend an evening socializing and dancing. I warned the DJ that we have quite the group of Cougar graduates so no Huskie talk is allowed. I have not met him in person but he came with high recommendations, and sounded like a lot of fun on the phone.

And if you still need a place to stay, the Hotel Murano has a great "Staycation" special right now and you can get a room for $139 for a night, and it includes parking and a $20 voucher to the hotel restaurant/bar.

See you all in a couple days! And if I look stressed, hand me a drink, remind me to relax and drag me onto the dance floor!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Kendall!

Today is my niece Kendall's 2nd birthday so I found it appropriate to give her a post of her own. She is honestly the funniest little girl I have ever known. She has such a sense of humor, and we can already tell she will be the ultimate heartbreaker when she grows up (Like mother, like daughter). I wish I was there to celebrate with her today, but I will make sure to make it up to her next weekend. Happy Birthday pootie!

(Yes that is how Brian holds babies)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We survived the tornado...

Well... it didn't actually hit us, but the storm was crazy and the sirens were blaring. It's one of those things that you watch the news and can see it coming on the radar, but when you look outside its calm ... no rain, no wind ... then it hits. Within 5 seconds, the rain is pouring down, the wind is blowing so hard, the thunder shakes the house and the lightning fills the sky. And the rain doesn't fall downward, it gets blown horizontally. Then 10 minutes later, its calm again. It's crazy because you can see where they are tracking tornados on TV and see them coming right toward you, but you never actually see a tornado, but then again, it could be because the rain is falling so hard it becomes a white-out.

The dogs and I took cover in the hallway since it's the center most point of the house, while Brian stood in front of our giant glass doors watching the storm (bright idea, right?). But, the worst that happened was a big branch fell in the backyard. We definitely got lucky, but from the sounds of it, some neighboring communities weren't as lucky.

We are reaching the end of the tornado season so keep your fingers crossed that we make it through the rest with no damage!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I think it's time...

That we introduce you to our dogs. As much as Brian was against getting a dog to begin with, he loves our pups now, and when they aren't around, the house feels very empty. We got Roxy the day before we moved into our house a little over a year ago. She was my housewarming present from Brian and of course I couldn't wait until we were actually moved in. We got Mack this past November, after a lot of convincing that Roxy needed a friend. (I have a feeling I will be using these tactics again in the future when it comes to us having children.)
So here they are... Meet the infamous Roxy and Mack.

Oh our loving Roxy! She is just about a year and a half old, but still all puppy. We think she is a Shiba Inu/Chow Chow mix... but you never really know. She is our bratty dog who thinks she runs the house, but when she wants to be she is just the best dog.

When we first got her...

Her now...

He is about 9 months old and was born in the woods in Fort Worth. When he was rescued he was all bones and fur... weighing less than 6 pounds. We changed that real quick. I have fattened the boy up to a whopping 26 pounds. We have no clue what he is, but are guessing a Corgi mix of some sort. All of his litter mates looked different and they don't know who the parents were.

When we first got him (his name was Gopher)...

Him now...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Our new blog

As you all know, I change my mind a lot. So keeping with that... I have changed our blog for the third time. I like this one though. A little clever, a little play on words. Either way... I am not allowing myself to change it again so save this one if you want to follow what we are up to from here on out.

Monday, June 1, 2009

It's official

I am officially a Hall. Brian and I went to the DMV this morning so I could change my name and he needed to get a new license with our new address (we moved over a year ago! and who is the procrastinator here?). And my new social security card came in the mail last week.

While we were at it, we both finally registered to vote to we will be ready to go the next time an election comes around.

Now its on to updating my name with my banks, bills, and many other places I am sure I will forget even exist. Atleast we were smart enough to put the majority of the house bills in Brian's name so that saves me a lot of time.

So hello, for the first time legally, my name is Jennifer Hall...weird.