Friday, January 21, 2011

Our big boy can sit alone!

After many topples and wobbles, something finally clicked and Corbin can now sit up without any help. Not only can he sit up alone, he went from not sitting at all to sitting for more than 15 minutes the first time. He is so happy now that he can sit up and play with all his toys ... but the funniest sight is when he starts to get tired of sitting, but can't figure out how to lay down. He starts swaying from side to side until he just topples over.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Look at those teeth!

We've been watching these little tooth buds make their move and one finally broke through, quickly followed by the second. Corbin got his first two teeth and boy does he already know how to use them! This boy likes to chomp on everything and I think he is enjoying the new ability to actually tear into stuff.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Are you ready for some football?!?!

As you know, we are pretty big sports fans. We definitely have our favorite football teams, but any reason to get together and watch a game is a good reason for us. We got together with my sister and her family for a couple of NFL playoff games to root on the Seahawks and the Jets. Our best case scenario was that they would end up playing each other in the Super Bowl, but our worst case scenario is what ended up happening. Oh well! It was still fun and gave Candice and I a good reason to test out some fun appetizer and brunch recipes we have been eyeing.

Friday, January 14, 2011

I smell like maple syrup!

Ever since Corbin got sick, and then I got sick, I have noticed a major decrease in my milk production. This in turn is making for one unsatisfied camper when he finishes eating. After doing some research and taking the advice of some very knowing mothers, I decided to take some alternative measure to get these ladies flowing. So the new items in my daily diet are: Brewer's yeast, Flax Seed Meal, Oatmeal, Gatorade and Fenugreek pills.
Have you ever even heard of half of those things?
Turns out, they are all (minus the gatorade, which just aides in hydration) natural products or herbs that just help kick start your body. Not to mention packed full of omega-3s, fiber and all other good things for me. The best thing is, there are recipes out there ... like lactation-boosting cookies, that help me get these ingredients into my daily diet, and they actually taste pretty darn good. (Ask Brian!)
The one side effect, I smell like maple syrup! That is the result of the Fenugreek pills, but I'm not complaining because it is all definitely working!
I am not anywhere near ready to stop breastfeeding Corbin yet, and hate the idea of formula, so I figure this was worth a shot. Hopefully things get back to normal and I can slowly phase out these pills and other ingredients and trust that my body will just keep up the good work, but in the mean time, its a good thing I like the smell of syrup!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Half way to 1!

Age: 6 months
Weight: 21 pounds
Height: 28 1/4 inches
Holy moly Corbin is 6 months old! And he is the happiest 6 month old I have ever seen! This kid is always laughing and smiling these days. It's hard to have a bad day when he gives you that big gummy smile of his.
He is working really hard to figure out this whole crawling thing. He can get the arms up, and the knees under, but not both at the same time. We have a feeling he will put the two together any day now and then there will be no stopping him.
He has recently begun rolling over in his crib, and while I have a feeling this is going to be helpful for him to get more comfortable and sleep longer at night, right now it's frustrating for him because he either gets himself smooshed against one side (thank goodness for breathable bumpers) or he gets to his belly and then can't roll back to his back when he wants.
Speaking of sleep ... he has decided that come midnight, he only wants to sleep in one hour spurts and has been waking up ALL.NIGHT.LONG. While its definitely a step in the wrong direction, I am assuming its only temporary. Everyone has their reasoning as to why he might be doing this: developmental spurt, hunger, loneliness since he doesn't see me as much during the day. Whatever the reasoning might be, I'm hoping he starts sleeping longer at night for all of our sake!
Corbin also got to taste his first tastes of something other than milk. We tried out some rice cereal and sweet potatoes. I think he is still trying to decide what he thinks about these new flavors. We are in no hurry to get him eating more solids, but it's been fun introducing these to him as once he is on the move he is definitely going to need these extra nutrients to fill his belly.
AND...he has FINALLY mastered the bottle! Thank goodness for the patience of my best friend Ashley. She and her sister have been working with Corbin at daycare and now he takes a bottle like he has been doing it all of his life. Now maybe Brian and I can go on a date or something. Gasp!
Are his rolls getting smaller?!?! (and yes his legs are really that long ... I didn't stretch the picture)

Do you think he's saying "Mom...quit puting me in these onesies that are 3 sizes too small!"?

Here's his new favorite smile, with his bottom lip sucked in.

Now I'm off to start planning his first birthday party! and no I'm not kidding! Mark your calendars for July 9!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Corbin's first bites!

Getting ready for his first bites of food!
Gimme that spoon ...
... See...I can feed myself mom! ...

... Yuck! That's not ice cream! ...

... Dad, are you gonna save me? I'm not too sure about this! ...

... okay, I guess I will give it another try.

Now that Corbin is 6 months old, we have gotten to start the journey of feeding him solids. Well...these foods are far from solids and much more like a liquidy, mushy mess. His first taste of anything other than milk was rice cereal, just to get him used to the idea of eating from a spoon and new tastes. The pictures tell it all ... he was less than thrilled at the idea. But after a little practice, and convincing, he has come around to the idea.
I've decided that I'm going to make all of Corbin's food (have you seen how long the store bought baby foods sit on the shelves?!?!) and have started with Sweet Potatoes and Peas. I've been told that it's best to start with simple veggies, as to not get him loving the sweet taste of fruits before learning to like the flavors of veggies. But since he is my son, I know he will prefer sweets to veggies no matter when I introduce them.
Right now these "meals" are to just help get his digestive system used to other foods and get him used to eating a variety of foods. He will still get the majority of his nurishment from breast milk until he is a year old.
I look forward to introducing him to all of these new flavors and hope to start shaping him into a healthy eater from the start ... then maybe he can teach his father and me a thing or two!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

2011 is bound to be the best year yet!
While 2010 brought us the greatest gift yet with the birth of our son, it also brought us a few set backs, challenges and the unfortunate passing of a few family members. I think we delt with our fair share of issues last year, which only means one thing ... nothing but positive things in store this year!
And it doesn't hurt that the number 11 is a favorite number with many people in our family, as well as the birth date or anniversary of seven of us! That's grounds for a pretty awesome year, right?
I don't think I will be making an "official" New Year's resolution this year, but am just resolving to be "healthier" in all aspects of life.
Happy New Year to you and yours! Here's wishing you nothing but happiness this year and all the years to come!